You must have noticed that Turkish women have beautiful, thick and shiny hair, long eyelashes and neat, smooth skin.

In Turkey, knowledge about caring for and caring for oneself is passed down from generation to generation.

-So what is the secret of the beauty of Turkish women?

Of course, in addition to genes, women in Turkey rely on many natural products. the regular use of which perfectly improves the appearance.

The most popular natural product used by Turkish women is ROSE WATER

Rose water is a hydrolate, which is a type of water obtained from flowers.

Rose water is highly moisturizing and is number 1 when it comes to natural care for Turkish women.

The use of rose water and its healing and cosmetic properties were known in ancient Egypt.

It is said that Cleopatra herself was supposed to use its benefits.

Rose water cleanses and improves skin tone, gives it a healthy color. It is an ideal tonic for all skin types, as it does not affect the protective hydro-lipid layer of the skin and is great for hair care.


The next product is LAVENDER WATER, another natural hydrolate. Turkish women willingly use it as a tonic or addition to face creams and masks, as well as an eye compress.

Turkish women appreciate lavender water for its valuable anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, moisturizing and protective properties of the epidermis.

  • It is suitable for normal to oily skin.

The most important point of care is cleansing the face with natural soap, which is a must-have in every Turkish bathroom.

While in Turkey, you will surely see soap shops on the streets. The Turks can assign different powers to each soap.

For example, nettle soap helps to heal skin problems, and pistachio helps heal wounds. Regardless of the mode of action, these soaps also fulfill their essential function – they smell beautiful and make the skin smooth and moisturized.


If you are going to the Turkish Riviera and you are interested in buying natural cosmetics, we invite you to our optional trip


We will take you to a soap factory, where the owner of the store is great at choosing a product for all skin types. The factory also offers other care and aromatherapy products 🙂