In Turkey, the most popular pastry is simit, a golden-brown ring-shaped bread dough sprinkled with lots of sesame seeds.

The name simit comes from the Turkish word “SIMITHANE” which means flour composition.

The history of simit baking dates back to the times of the Ottoman Empire, which was considered by the sultans as a precious and luxurious delicacy.

It is believed that the first simites arose in the palace kitchen of Suleiman the Magnificent in the 16th century.

The sultans also believed that simit was a sign of recognition and was presented as a gift to the palace guards. During Ramadan, he was the main element of the dinner.

Due to the simple composition and preparation method, simit found its way everywhere, even on the tables of peasants and craftsmen.

Turkish pretzels have become a symbol and an essential element of Turkish culture.

Nowadays, simitami is eaten by everyone, regardless of social status and culinary preferences. It is worth knowing that Turkish obwarzanek is a staple Turkish food item that can be purchased in almost any bakery or from street vendors in various variants and is a must-have for Turkish breakfasts.

Most often, the consumption of Turkish pretzels is accompanied by Turkish tea. ajran or Turkish coffee alternatively. Simit can also be served with various additives, such as cream cheese, jam, nutella or honey.

When visiting Turkey, I recommend trying this delicious baking while enjoying Turkish tea 🙂