Turkey is not only beautiful beaches and resorts full of attractions. Turkey is also ancient ruins, one-of-a-kind cities and natural wonders. You have to see it in Turkey!

Istanbul, although Ankara is the capital of Turkey, Istanbul remains the heart of the country. It is the only city in the world located on two continents, on both sides of the Bosphorus. It is huge, phenomenal, shocking and delighting at the same time. It ‘s a must to see all the flagship monuments of Istanbul – the Topkapi sultan’s palace with a harem and treasury, the Hagia Sophia basilica, the Blue Mosque, and the remains of the ancient hippodrome. In addition, you can look at Istanbul from the deck of a ship sailing on the Bosphorus and even if you do not intend to buy anything, you must visit the Egyptian and Grand Bazaars. Istanbul is an absolutely magical city.

Pamukkale, white, limestone terraces filled with water from thermal springs resemble from a distance pieces of cotton thrown on the mountain slope – hence the name of this place, meaning “Cotton Castle”. Extensive cascades of stalactites formed as a result of the precipitation of calcium ions from warm water. In the past, tourists could walk on the limestone terraces of Pamukkale as they wanted. Now, as part of the protection of this miracle of nature, it is limited, and you can walk along the paths marked for it. The mud covering the bottom of natural pools and the water is good for skin and eyes diseases.

Cappadocia, there is no other place on earth like Cappadocia – a historic land in eastern Turkey, in the Anatolian Highlands. Lunar landscapes created by volcanoes, rock mushrooms created as a result of erosion or fairy chimneys captivate everyone. The inhabitants of Cappadocia carved houses and underground cities in the rocks. Many of them can be visited, and at dawn it is worth seeing Cappadocia from the deck of a balloon.