Hamam is a ritual that has not changed for hundreds of years. Although today, when everyone has a bathroom at home, it does not accompany Turks as often as before, it is worth trying when you have the opportunity – for example when visiting Turkey. What exactly is a hamam and why is this ritual so special?


In other words, a hamam is a Turkish bath, and at the same time a must-see place for every tourist visiting Turkey. You have to give it a try at the beginning of your holiday to ensure a permanent tan, decent relaxation and unique memories of your trip. The ritual usually consists of a session in a sauna, a cold shower, a massage with glove in a marble bath, washing the skin with a special soap and a full body massage.

The whole process takes a minimum of two hours, so when deciding to visit the Turkish bath, you should not be in a hurry.

The ritual begins with taking off the clothes. You have to wrap yourself around with special scarf called peştemal. A traditional scarf should be hand-woven from cotton, without any other fabrics. The material is quick-drying and absorbent and it is ideal for use not only in the Turkish bath


After removing your clothes, you should put on the slippers that are included in every Turkish bath. The next step is to enter the breathtaking marble rooms. They have heated floors and marble benches, called göbek taşı. The temperature is high and you start to sweat. It is important to breathe calmly during the ritual and relax your muscles.

 Then you will be washed with soap and a linen, rough glove. That is how you  will not only get rid of dead skin, but also improve blood circulation. After washing, it’s time for a massage that ends the entire hamam ritual.

It is worth paying a little more attention to the massage. It is performed with the use of aromatic oils provides a unique aromatherapy experience. Oils will not only smell nice, but also moisturize and nourish your skin. Massage therapists in Turkish baths use different techniques, but each massage has the following characteristic: it stimulates the body to release endorphins, deeply relaxes, calms and leaves it in great shape. Massage also supports the regeneration of the body tired of mental work and exercise, reduces nervous tension, relaxes muscles and joints.