Turkish cuisine is a wealth of ingredients and methods of cooking. The tables are dominated by kebabs, interestingly spiced vegetables and sweet desserts. It is diverse, colorful and very traditional. Turkish cuisine is one of the most popular and delicious in the world.

Olive oil is the basis of most dishes, as there is 86 varieties of olives grown in Turkey. The golden liquid is added to both hot and cold dishes. The most popular vegetable is eggplant, which is complemented by aromatic stews, salads and kebabs. It can be stewed, boiled, fried and even served as a puree.

Turks have a unique attitude to meat due to tradition and religion. Besides, they celebrate every meal, and rushing while eating is inadvisable. They are not allowed to eat pork. The main dish is kebab which basically means meat (mutton, lamb, beef) cooked on a rotating spit. Meatballs served with pita bread and vegetables, or köfte, are also popular. A specific type of kebab is the patlıcan kebab (eggplant kebab).

Turkish desserts are exceptionally tasty and aromatic. These delicious treats include halva, dried fruit, baklava, kadayıf, lokum.

The national drink is rakı, an anise-flavored liquor vodka. When served chilled and with the addition of water, it becomes milky. The Turks also drink very sweet tea, served in small tulip-shaped glasses.